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NP Krka


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NP KrkaKrka, a river in Dalmatia, belongs to the county of Šibenik and Knin. It is limited by Knin-Zadar-Split triangle, whose main route goes through the towns of Knin-Drniš-Šibenik. River Krka springs at the foot of mountain Dinara, three and a half kilometres northeast of the town of Knin at the foot of 22 m high the Topoljski slap Falls, which is deafening in winter and dry in summer. It flows through very craggy part of Dalmatia and like a umbilical cord it closely connects Knin and Šibenik.
That magnificent river abounds in beauty of nature, scientific mysteries, important cultural and historic sights and ways of using its inexhaustible water sources in a rocky and, in summer, dry country. 
Thanks to travertine barriers and the constant process of calcification, river Krka today, with its 7 travertine falls, represents a natural Karst phenomenon and in 1985 it was proclaimed National Park. .
The Krka National Park is a spacious, largely unchanged region of exceptional and multifaceted natural value, and includes one or more preserved or insignificantly altered ecosystems. It is intended primarily for scientific, cultural, educational, recreational, and tourism activities such as visiting and sightseeing..
The Krka National Park is located entirely within the territory of Šibenik- Knin County and encompasses an area of 109 square kilometers along the Krka River: two kilometers downriver from Knin to Skradin and the lower part of the Čikola River. From the flooded part of the mouth, it is 72.5 kilometers in length, making the Krka the 22nd longest river in Croatia. 
The source of the Krka River is at the base of the Dinaric Mountains, 3.5 kilometers northeast of the base of Knin and 22 meters below Topoljski Slap, Veliki Buk and Krčić Slap, which are noisy cascades in the winter but run dry during the summer. The length of the freshwater section of the river is 49 kilometers and that of the brackish section is 23.5 kilometers. Significant tributaries of the Krka River include Krčić, Kosovčica, Orašnica, Butišnica and Čikola with Vrb.

NP Krka NP Krka NP Krka NP Krka NP Krka
NP Krka

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